Animate network data Nov 21
I recently had a time-varying network that I wanted to visualize, this is a quick note on how to turn that into an animation. This post is not intened to go deep in the details, of the what or why, just to get the code out. library(ggraph) library(tidygraph) library(tidyverse) # The data are stored in multiple csv files, one for each phase (timestamp) csv_to_tbl_graph <- function(phase) { read_csv(paste0("animate_network/caviar/phase", phase, ".csv")) %>% `rownames<-`(.
R^6: moRe Readable deplyR summaRize indentation Recommendation Ramble Apr 19
Taking a cue for hrbrmstr, here’s a quick post! I’m encouraging others in the R community to don [R^6] and do their own small, focused posts on topics that would help the R community learn things. – hrbrmstr dplyr pipelines can sometimes be long and confusing, especially with multiple group_by calls in succession. I propose we start indenting the grouped portions of the pipeline. The following code is an example of a standard reporting pipeline reporting new user creation by month.